Christina El Moussa’s Plastic Surgery, A Rumor Or Truth?

Christina El Moussa, who is an American real estate investor and TV personality, is rumored for having plastic surgery to enhance her beautiful body. Nowadays, plastic surgery has become the best option to get your desired look and many TV personalities go through this process to fulfill their job requirement. It is also the job of these famous TV personalities to look exactly what their viewers want to see. For which they must go through some surgeries and other beauty enhancements that give them their desired look. Surely, Christina El Moussa is also among those TV personalities, who have gone through some beauty enhancement to make herself more attractive.

Here below are the description of some Christina El Moussa plastic surgery rumors.

How Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Changed Her Looks?

You can yourself notice that Christina El Moussa looks different in above then and now picture as she has gone through some beauty enhancement surgeries. Her lips and breast, everything is altered, it is believed that she has undergone through Lip surgery, Botox Injections, and Breast Implants.

Lip Surgery

Lips are important facial feature and point of focus. The beautiful smile of a TV personality is a point of attraction for their viewers. Before El Moussa’s lip surgery, her lips were not perfect, and her gums were also very visible when she used to smile. This is probably must be the reason why she chose to have lip surgery done. After having surgery, her lips become more filled up and juicy that gives a clear hint of the use of lip fillers. Now she is having a wonderful and beautiful smile than ever. The following picture of El Moussa clearly shows the difference between her previous and altered lips.

Botox Injection

El Moussa is also rumored for having Botox injections on her face. The reason must be that to look younger than her actual age. She had wrinkles and nasolabial folds were also visible on her face before surgery but now they all vanished and her skin glows like 20 years old girl and has no sign of aging.

All the TV personality denies the use of cosmetic injections and gives credit to their makeup and beauty products. And this is so obvious that wrinkles and folds on the skin come with age, but their skin always looks like as they were 20 years before.

Breast Implants

Body figure is one of the most attractive features of a TV personality. People in the media field are very conscious about their body shape. They always try to become as per their viewer’s requirements and what they want to see. Breast implantation has become very common nowadays. Many famous personalities undergo this process to add more fame and success in their lives.

Christina El Moussa is also doubted for having breast implantation. Her old and recent pictures clearly show that now her chest is more significant and lifted. Some of her fans take it as natural change as she is the mother of two children. But many disagreed with this argument and showed their doubt on the use of plastic surgery.