6 Signs That You Should Call A Plumber Right Now!

6 Signs That You Should Call A Plumber Right Now!

Some plumbing messes seem to have a quick fix, however, when you get down to work, you end up waist-deep in water that you don’t know where it comes from. Many of us like to take care of the repairs whenever we can, but the toilet and sink have the potential to cause real disasters, because leaks can remain undetectable until it is too late.

There are times when the repair can be too big for you. In those cases, it is best to go to NYCPlumbing.net for professionals who can handle even the most acute problems. In this sense, we are telling you the 6 signs that it’s time to call a professional plumber.

When You Don’t Have Any Water

Nothing ruins your day more than having no water at all. If you wake up and nothing more than a few drops comes out of the taps, you should call your neighbors and a plumber. If your neighbors have the same problem, a plumber may know who to call to fix it.

If it’s just your property, you’ll want your plumber to get down to business immediately. Not having water is a sign that something is really wrong.

Frozen pipes, leaks, problems in the main pipe that supplies the neighborhood, among others, can cause you to run out of water. When this happens, you should call a plumber as quickly as possible, because either the water flow to your house has been cut off, or it is leaking where it shouldn’t.

Water leaks can cause great damage to the structure and foundations of your home, and your water bill could increase dramatically.

You should be aware of a couple of special cases. If you have cold water but no hot water, it may be a heater problem. If water flows on one floor but not the other, you may have a pressure problem, which is easy to fix if the correct equipment is used.

When You Don’t Have Hot Water

It is normal to have no hot water at all after a long shower, but it is not okay if the water takes hours to always heat up. You will know that it is time to call a plumber if the problem is persistent and hot water never seems to be enough.

Your plumber can help you fix the problem. It could be something serious or a small repair. The pilot flame goes out from time to time, but if it happens too frequently, you may have a leak or other fault.

Sometimes hot water is not enough if your tank is very small. A professional plumber can help you determine the size of the tank you will need to install and can also check for many other small problems that concern you.

A good plumber can also determine the cause of temperature fluctuations in the water. When something is wrong and the temperature changes sharply, you could burn yourself even after adjusting the water temperature while taking a shower.

If any of this happens to you or you think it might, call https://nycplumbing.net/manhattan-plumbing/ for a professional to check fuses, thermostats, resistors, pipes, and more.

When The Heater Gets Wet From The Outside

A water heater that “sweats” is usually a sign of a slow but steady leak. Many of us will notice when we go to check the pilot or when we approach the heater and see that the floor is a little wet.

Small leaks come from small cracks in the pipes or in the box and could lead to bigger problems. It is best to discover these problems as soon as possible to make repairs easier and more affordable.

Other signs of damage to watch out for:

  • Mold in the water and surrounding pipes
  • Heater corrosion
  • Excessive water in or near the drip tray

Call a plumber if you see any of these signs. You can take care of your home at an affordable price just by repairing or replacing the heater.

When you call a plumber for this type of inspection, he should also do a full check for gas leaks or other electrical problems. You can detect leaks yourself if you spray soapy water on the pipes and this causes bubbles, however, it is fairly easy to miss the signs until it is too late.

Hiring a professional plumbing service can solve these problems and prevent future headaches.

When Drains Don’t Drain

Clogs are common in plumbing, from tubs and toilets to sinks. Some of these jams can be removed with a plunger and a little force. But if after trying, the traffic jam doesn’t go away, or it goes back and forth, you should call a plumber.

Plumbers can use special tools like cameras to poke inside pipes and look for items that can cause long-term problems. Hair, fat accumulation and roots are some of the problems that can be encountered.

Repeated drainage problems are worth a call before they get too serious. Even if it’s a small problem (like a tub that gets clogged every time you bathe your dog), it can turn into something more serious if it happens repeatedly. You can apply homemade solutions but many times you will be alleviating symptoms and allowing the underlying problem to get worse.

When Taps Started Leaking

You may have been planning to fix your leak as soon as you have time, but before you know it, months have passed and the problem persists. Many times a leak can be easily repaired with a little tightening of the tap, some Teflon or a new bracket, but this is not always the case. A persistent leak can come from a crack in a pipe or a poorly installed part. Pressure build-up can also play a crucial role.

For these problems, it’s smart to call a plumber if you can’t fix them yourself, or when you’re busy. Most plumbers work by the hour, so you can save money by presenting problems directly to him. A plumber’s leak check also gives you the opportunity to ask questions or get advice for future remodels.

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